Safety and Security

The safety and security of our tenants, the physical complex and all those who pass through each day is the central focus of our highly trained Security and Life Safety Services team. Our Security Operations Group is responsible for all calls for service and emergencies, in addition to performing general patrol and enforcement duties.

Our Fire and Life Safety programs mandate includes everything related to our fire prevention strategies, floor warden programs and building evacuation plans.

Our Security Technology Group is responsible for our state-of-the-art electronic security infrastructure. This group also provides passcard administration services, along with managing security technologies within our Security Operations Centre.

Security & Life Safety Contacts

Emergency: 416.364.2050

Non-emergency: 416.364.6366

Passcard Office: 416.364.7488



At Nose Creek Business Park, we pride ourselves on being prepared for most, if not every possible tenant request and occasion. Whether your question involves building policy concerning an office retrofit, proper procedure during a building evacuation or a request for a special event permit, the information you need can be found online. We've gone digital, and now you can submit all of your requests online! If you're still having difficulty locating exactly what you need, please contact us through QuadReal Connect.


Have questions? Call or email Tenant Services at 1.877.977.2262 or [email protected]